4-Hours a Week.

All entrepreneurs need three things: Mentors, Marketing and Money. We are a coworking community that helps you access these resources and monetize your vision in four hours a week.


How Would Monetizing Your Vision Make a Difference?

Control Your Career?

Start a

Act on Your Ambitions?

Financial Flexibility?

Inspired by the book The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Cowork Week is a community of entrepreneurs that are coworking together at the Bridge in Calgary. This program is free for all members of the Bridge Coworks.

Are You Too Busy Working In Your Business to Work On it?

For 4-Hours a Week We Provide Mentors, Marketing and a Way to Raise or Make More Money.

How it Works:


Sign Up, Share Your Vision

Become a member, then share your vision. We meet different times weekly for group office hours. We also do free Lunch & Learns.

Access The Resources

Community Partners will mentor you. You can do marketing events with us. We will also help you bootstrap or raise capital.

Invite Others to Cowork

Yes, the more the merrier. But the real benefit is in network effects. The more members the more successful we will be together.

Monetize Vision Together

Not only will we work together live, but you have access to our virtual community as well to ask anything you need.

The best part is it's free for all members of the Bridge Coworks.

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